CH Desert sage Musketeer x CH LA PERLA TULA


Some of our first litters were bred between CH Desert Sage Musketeer x CH La Perla Tula. The puppies produced were beautiful, excellent breed representations. La Perla Diasy Maye, one of the offspring from this pairing, continues to produce gorgeous, healthy puppies for La Perla Bouviers.

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Tigger x Daisy

2017 Italian Litter

Our Italian Themed litter, born February 5, 2017, included 8 beautiful puppies - 5 boys and 3 girls. Bruno (aka La Perla's 24 Karat Magic HCT TKI), a puppy from this litter, continues to be an excellent representation of the breed and will some day sire litters for La Perla Bouviers.

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Tigger x Daisy

2018 "Justified" Litter

Our "Justified" Themed litter, born May 1, 2018, included 6 beautiful puppies - 5 boys and 1 girl.

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