The Dog that Started It All

In the Spring of 1984, shortly after moving to Arizona, Reid Garrey purchased his first Bouvier, Basha, after seeing a report on Bouviers being used as police K-9's. Basha was a beautiful fawn girl - a wonderful example of the breed. She had a naturally gentle disposition around children, and made an excellent family pet. She was named Basha after the grocery store chain because, as Reid puts it, "she would eat you out of house and home". Basha was raised around all three of Reid's daughters until her passing in 1993. After her death, Reid was hooked on the breed. He went on to own more than 11 Bouviers throughout the next 25 years, which eventually led him and his wife Pam to begin showing and breeding their favorite breed of dog, the majestic Bouvier des Flandres.

Who We Are Today

At La Perla Bouviers, we take great pride in our long history of owning and loving Bouvier des Flandres dogs. We breed well-tempered, healthy puppies that are excellent examples of the breed. Our puppies have gone on to do everything from farm work and therapy work, to titling in Conformation and Herding Events. All our dogs live in our homes with us, as members of our families. We invite all potential families to come see our dogs and experience their beauty and temperament for themselves.

Next Steps...

Learn more about our breeding program, our dogs, and our mission to provide healthy, well-tempered Bouviers.